Holiday Gifts with EZ Start® Packaging Tape

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Many of you already know that my husband is deployed right now for 9 months and Connor and I have had a lot of fun putting packages together for him.  We have been sending him a package every two weeks and it really has helped this deployment go by faster for all of us.  In a recent email, my hubby mentioned that a lot of people on the ship haven’t received any care packages and most likely won’t.

Holiday Gifts with EZ Start® Packaging TapeI was a little shocked by this.  So after talking to my mom and my aunt, we decided to create Christmas care packages for some of the sailors.

My husband sent me the names of 10 sailors and we got to work on filling the boxes with items they needed and wanted.

Then I thought it would be fun to decorate the inside of the boxes to make it as festive as possible.  I used EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape, scrapbook paper, and holiday stickers to add a little Christmas cheer to each box.  This way when they open the box they will see pretty ornaments or peppermints.

I love the way they turned out and I can’t wait to hear what they think of their care packages.

Holiday Pencils

I also had a lot of EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape left over and thought it would be fun to make holiday pencils for Connor.  I cut a strips of packing tape the length of the pencil and wrapped the tape around the pencil.  Then I found these erasers at AC Moore and Connor added them to each pencil.  We kept a few at our house and gave the rest to his teacher to give out as prizes in the class treasure chest.

Now I’m looking around for more stuff that I can wrap in EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape!!

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  1. Hi Kara, I love the idea of the pencils, I work in a preschool and I think this would be a great project for them. I wold also like to know how we could send some packages to the soldiers. I think the kids would enjoy gathring stuff to send them. Is there a way to do this? Please let me know. thank you Patti

  2. Kara, this brings tears to my eyes! What a thoughtful gesture of you and your son- you are clearly a pro at making deployment go as smooth as possible. Your family’s commitment to each other is inspiring! Cutest packages too 😉

  3. Oh, Kara – it’s so lovely that you send so many little packages and reminders of home to your hubby. The pencils are so sweet, and I’m sure that your hubby loves knowing that you and Connor have put your special touches on his care packages.

  4. Kara, it warms my heart that you did this. That tape is super fun, I love that it’s available in everyday patterns too!