Holiday Cork Trivets using FrogTape®

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Add a little red and green to your table this holiday season with these festive cork trivets.  They are easy to make and would make great hostess gifts for family or friends.  I made a few to give as gifts but now I want to keep them for myself!

Make a Holiday Cork Trivet using FrogTapeThe secret to this project is FrogTape Textured Surface.  It allowed me to make crisp, clean lines on the cork’s textured surface.  I’m a little bit of a perfectionist so if my lines were not perfect, I would not have been happy with this project.

Make a Holiday Cork Trivet using FrogTape

But thanks to FrogTape Textured Surface, I have perfect lines!

Materials needed:

  • Cork trivets – I found mine at Target (2 pack for $3.99)
  • Red, white and green paint
  • FrogTape® Textured Surface Kit
  • Paint brush
  • Multi-Purpose Sealer

Make a Holiday Cork Trivet using FrogTape

Step 1:  Paint the entire trivest white.

Step 2:  Once the paint is dry, apply strips of FrogTape® to trivet.  I covered the entire surface and then peeled of every other strip.  Wrap remaining tape around to the back of trivet and press tape along all edges.

Step 3:  Firmly run a damp cloth along the edges to activate the PaintBlock® and ensure a good seal.

Step 4:  Apply the edge sealer to edges of tape and let it dry for 15 minutes.

Step 5:  Paint over the white with red paint.  Let dry.  Then remove tape.

Step 6:  Create small green stripes by taping over the white stripes, leaving 1/4 inch of the white showing in the center.  Repeat steps 2-5 and paint green.

Step 7:  Apply a top coat of sealer to seal the paint and make more durable.

Make a Holiday Cork Trivet using FrogTape

That’s it!  How fabulous do these holiday trivets look?

Use them as heat trivets or use them as cork boards on the wall.

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