Upcycled Storage Containers using Glass Jars

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Make your own storage containers using glass jars and drawer knobs. A fun and easy upcycle project that’s practical!

Upcycled Storage Containers using Glass Jars

Looking for a fun upcycle project to work on this weekend?  You’ve come to the right place because today we’re turning old glass jars into beautiful upcycled storage containers.

First of all, you’ll never throw a glass jar away again after today because you can do so much with those bad boys!  And, you’ll never need to buy a small container again because these upcycled storage containers are gorgeous and can be used for so many things.  Plus, you’ll get to use all those pretty knobs you’ve been collecting – I can’t be the only one hoarding knobs in my craft collection?!

Upcycled Storage Containers using Glass Jars

Supplies Needed to Make Upcycled Storage Containers

  • old food jars
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • sealer
  • drill / screw driver and hammer
  • an assortment of pretty knobs
  • hacksaw

How to Make Your Own Storage Containers

Step 1:  Clean out old food jars.  Use Goo Gone to remove stubborn labels.

Step 2:  While jars are drying, it’s time to paint our lids.  I punched my hole first using a screw driver and hammer.  You can also use a drill but I was too lazy to walk to the garage and grab the drill.

Step 3:  Paint lids using acrylic paint.  It should only take 2-3 coats to cover the lids.  Seal lids with sealer.

Step 4:  Use a hacksaw to cut end of knobs, leaving 3/4 inch of metal thread.  Once paint is dry, screw knobs into place.

Upcycled Storage Containers using Glass Jars

That’s it!  Now you have gorgeous storage containers to keep small things organized throughout your house.  The hardest part is deciding what colors to paint the lids.  I made these jars for the bathroom and coordinated them with the colors in the shower curtain.

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