Reindeer Cookies {with 14 Baking Tips and Tricks}

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I couldn’t resist making these adorable Reindeer Cookies with Connor.  I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and when I found  Gingerbread Rolled and Ready Refrigerated Cookie Dough at the grocery store, I knew we had to make them.  I’m all about quick and easy holiday baking!

Reindeer Cookies

These cookie dough sheets are awesome!  It makes baking cookies so much easier. No more rolling out cookie dough.  Just unwrap and use cookie cutters to cut out what you need.

Reindeer Cookies

I used a 3 inch heart cookie cutter for our Reindeer Cookies.  Then we decorated them with chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chips, and M&M’s when they came out of the oven.  Super easy and so cute!

We will definitely be making more of these.

reindeer cookies

And with all the holiday baking going on, I thought it would be fun to round up 14 awesome Baking Tips and Tricks that I can’t believe I didn’t know about before today.

I mean seriously – How did I not know these things?

baking tips and tricks

Sources: The Mamas Girls / My Kind of Cooking / Cupcakes and Crinoline

1.  A quick way to soften butter – I always forget to set my butter out before baking so this is a great tip.

2.  Spray measuring cups with cooking spray when measuring sticky things. DUH!!

3.  How to soften brown sugar

Using dental floss to cut cookie dough and cakes

Sources:  Sew Many Ways  / WikiHow / TexanErin Baking / Instructables

4.  Use a plastic knife to cute brownies.  How simple is that?

5.  And here are 3 more tips for cutting desserts better from The Kitchn:  Use a heated knife for chilled pies and ice cream cakes, a cool knife for sticky desserts and a buttered knife for cakes.

6.  Mom this tip is for you – Use unscented dental floss to cut cakes and cookie dough.

baking tips and tricks

 Sources:  The Hayley Daily  / Mom on Timeout / FollowPics

7.  Freeze cookie dough in ice cube trays – Genius idea!

8. DIY colored sugar

9.  Use a syringe to decorate cookies and cakes.


Source:  Hill House Rock

10.  Make box cake mix taste homemade.


Source: Kitchen Scrapbook

11.  Cookies from cake mix


Source:  Penny Pinchin’ Mama

 12.  Baking Substitutions for when you’re missing important ingredients a recipe calls for.


Source:  Lady Lux

13.  Healthy Ingredient swaps


Source: Chasing Delicious

14.  Mixing Methods – This poster is awesome!  I’m definitely guilty of just mixing all the ingredients together.

Now I need to know what baking tips and tricks you have found helpful because I need all the help I can get:)

Happy Baking!


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