Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis

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Only 3 ingredients needed to make these delicious Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis.  The perfect cocktail for special occasions and a delicious dessert drink.

Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis

Let’s celebrate the weekend with these simple three ingredient sweet Raspberry Bellinis.  A great treat for a summer brunch or the perfect dessert drink.

These Raspberry Bellinis are delicious whenever you drink them!

Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis 2

And they are so simple to make that I’m not even sure if it’s  recipe.  Just three ingredients and you have a fabulous dessert cocktail.

Raspberry Sorbet Bellini

This recipe is actually considered a mocktail because I used Fre Alcohol-Removed Wine.  Through the de-alcoholization process of producing Fre, less than one half of one percent of alcohol remains in the wine.  To make Fre, the winemakers remove alcohol while preserving the delicate fragrances and flavors of the wine. The finished product is a fresh, delicious beverage with all of the characteristic aromas and flavors of premium wine, but with less than 0.5% alcohol and half the calories of traditional wine – a great alternative for people who cannot or choose not to consume alcohol.


Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis

There you have it!  A pretty pink drink to serve at your next party.  And, thanks Gina for introducing me to bellinis:) We made them last year and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Can you really go wrong with any recipe that includes Brut and sorbet?

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  1. These sound very good. They would be a wonderful refreshing after dinner treat for all the adults. I look forward to trying them.

  2. these look so good(: I would love to make these for a date night or for valentines day!