Multiplication Bingo – A Fun Way to Practice Math

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It’s time to make math fun with Multiplication Bingo!

Multiplication Bingo

Connor won’t have homework this year so it’s my job to make sure that he gets the individualized practice that he needs.  He loves math but I’ve noticed that he struggles with multiplication.  He doesn’t seem to have his times table memorized like he should and he needs these skills before moving on to division this school year.

Multiplication Bingo

So, I created a blank bingo sheet and we’ve been playing Multiplication Bingo to practice multiplying.  It’s a simple way to make multiplying fun.

Multiplication Bingo Free Printable

Free Printables Happy Go LuckyFirst, print out these Multiplication Bingo Sheets I created.  Then, fill in the squares with the multiplication products.  This will depend on the dice that you are using.  Since we used regular dice, the largest number we could write in was 36.  You will have to write in numbers more than once to fill in the entire bingo sheet but that’s okay because you’ll definitely get the same answer twice.  You can also color in the letters with colored pencils to make the bingo cards more colorful.

After multiplying numbers 1-6, it’s time to make things a little more difficult.  I just ordered these Math Dice so we can practice multiplying numbers 1-12.

Multiplication Bingo with Goldfish

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  1. Kara, this is an awesome way to keep your son sharp on his math facts! The Bingo cards could be used for addition, subtraction, and division too. This is so much more fun than the basic flash cards….especially when there’s a treat involved! Thanks for sharing!