How to Paint Mason Jars

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Turn boring mason jars into beautiful vases, planters, and so much more with this tutorial on how to paint mason jars. And, we’ve added a touch of gold for a little glam.

Painted Mason Jars

I love mason jars.  How can you not love them is the real question?  They’re awesome!!  I use them to organize things, we use them as glasses and I LOVE using them as vases.

I also like painting them.  Adding a little paint to a mason jar just makes it look so much better.  But, painting glass mason jars can be a little tricky.  Sometimes the second layer of paint will wipe the first layer off which can be very frustrating.

Painted Mason Jars

I had a cabinet full of mason jars and thought it would be fun to paint them and use them as succulent planters  After painting them, I decided to share some helpful tips that I’ve discovered over the years.

Tips for Painting Mason Jars the right Way

Tip #1 – Use the right paint.  I like to use chalk paint and acrylic paint but you can use any paint that can be used on glass.

Tip #2 – Make sure to clean the jar with rubbing alcohol before painting.

Tip #3 – Use a foam paint brush.  I only use foam brushes when painting mason jars especially when painting the second and third layer.

Tip #4 – Paint your first layer like you would paint any surface.  Cover the entire mason jar and let dry for at least 2 hours.  Now, the second layer of paint is the important step.  Use your foam paint brush and dab the paint on like you’re sponge painting.  Continue to dab your paint on the jar until you’ve covered the entire surface.  Don’t worry about the little air bubbles.  They’ll go away when the paint dries.

Tip #5 – Paint 3-4 layers.  I like to always paint at least 3 layers on my jars.  If you find that your paint strokes are removing the paint from the jar, let paint dry before adding more paint.

Tip #6 – Sand lightly.  Remember, you can always sand more if you want to remove more paint.  I like to sand over the words first, then I sand the top and bottom.  I lightly sand where the jar curves.

Tip #7 – Always seal your mason jars with clear sealant.  I like to use spray sealer because it’s just easier.

Tip #8 – Painting mason jars with gold leafing paint is AWESOME!  Gold paint is great for glass and dries quickly which I love because I’m very impatient:)

For these mason jars, I also painted the band of the lid gold and I’m so glad I did.

Painted Mason Jars

I love the little touch of gold at the top and I really love the entire mason jar painted gold.  I really just want to paint everything in my house gold.

Have you tried painting any mason jars lately?

How to Paint Mason Jars

Painted Mason Jars
Turn boring mason jars into beautiful decor for your home with this tutorial on how to paint mason jars. 


  • Mason Jars
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton Pads
  • Paint - I use acrylic, chalk, and gold leaf
  • Foam Brush
  • Sand Paper (optional)


  1. Clean mason jar with rubbing alcohol and cotton pads.
  2. Apply the first coat of paint on mason jar with foam brush. Let dry completely.
  3. Add 2-3 additional layers of paint. Make sure each layer is completely dry before painting another layer.
  4. Once paint has dried, lightly rub sandpaper over raised letters and markings on mason jar. Skip this step if you don't want a distressed look.
  5. Paint the rims of each mason jar with gold leafing paint

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