Halloween Monster Wreath

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Halloween Monster Wreath – A fun and easy Halloween craft project! 

Monster Wreath

I think this is my favorite wreath I’ve made!  I wanted a fun Halloween wreath for my front door this year and headed to Pinterest for some inspiration.  As soon as I came across this monster wreath, I immediately knew I had to make one.  Isn’t it fun?

Want to make your own Halloween Monster Wreath?

Supplies needed:

  • 4 feather boas
  • 1 straw or foam wreath
  • floral pins
  • Purple and black pipe cleaners
  • wiggle eyes in a variety of sizes
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • 4 inch piece of ribbon

Step 1:  Wrap feather boas around wreath and use the floral pins to hold in place.

Monster Wreath Supplies

Step 2:  Use your glue gun to attach wiggle eyes to pipe cleaners.  Curl pipe cleaners with your finger or a pencil.  I used 20 eyes but I could have kept adding more.  I really had to stop myself and walk away.

Step 3:  Attach eyes to wreath using floral pins.

Step 4:  Loop ribbon and attach to back of wreath with floral pin.

Step 5:  Hang on door, step back, and admire your AWESOME Monster Wreath!

How cute is this wreath!!  You know you want to make one.

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