Fun Ornament Gift Ideas

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I love giving fun and unique gifts and after sharing my Glitter Gak Ornaments, I became a little obsessed with fun ornament gift ideas.

Ornament Gifts

I thought it would be fun to fill plastic ornaments with a few of my favorite things.  The first one I filled with fuzzy socks, nail polish, and cuticle cream.  The second one I filled with touch screen gloves, nail polish, ChapStick and a small nail file.

Then I just added a bow and taped the bottom so it didn’t accidentally open.

Such an easy gift!

And you will never believe these other ornament gifts I found.

Filled Ornaments - Fun Gift Ideas

People are so stickin’ creative!!

I’ve rounded up seven ornament gift ideas that you will want to make this weekend.

Jewelry Ornament Gift Idea

1.  Fill an ornament with Jewelry – I’m a huge fan of Mandy’s blog, Sugar Bee Crafts, and this idea is brilliant.  Thanks Mandy for another fabulous idea!

Dip Ornaments

2.  Dip Mix Ornaments from Bubbly Nature Creations – What a great hostess gift!


3.  Hot Cocoa Ornaments by Bubbly Nature Creations

peppermint scrub

4. Peppermint Scrub Ornaments by From Glitters to Gum Drops

tea filled ornaments

5.  Tea Bag Ornaments

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with Candy!


6.  Bubble Gum Ornaments by The Crafty Crow

chocolate filled ornaments

7.  Chocolate Filled Ornaments by 30 Minute Crafts

I love all these fabulous ideas!  What creative gifts have made lately?

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