Easy Baby Gift Ideas

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Lately it seems like everyone we know is either pregnant or just had a baby.  This month alone we are invited to three baby showers and four of my friends are due in June. It’s definitely baby season around here!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

So with all these baby showers and new babies arriving soon, I headed to Kroger to stock up on lots of diapers – some for gifts and some to keep at home.  I spent some time over the weekend putting a few baby gifts together.  I’m all about giving practical baby gifts.  You can never go wrong with diapers and wipes.  Every new mom and dad will always need them and I always give gift cards when I go to baby showers.  Buying baby items still gives me anxiety even after having two kids.

Baby Shower Gift Huggies Little Snugglers

First up, I made a small gift with a pack of Huggies diapers, wipes, a book, and a toy.  I tucked a gift card in there and it’s good to go.  Remember I said these are easy gifts.  Tie a bow on that bad boy and you’re ready to drink some pink or blue punch while playing silly baby games.

Super Dad Gift

Next, my hubby’s good friend and his wife are expecting their first baby in June so I wanted to put together a fun New Dad Survival Kit for him.  I filled the bucket with diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, and diaper cream.  Everything for the new dad will need for diaper duty.  I also included the cute bib that says, “I’m in charge here” and I’m pretty sure my hubby slipped in some miniature bottles of Jack Daniels when I wasn’t looking.

Huggies Little Snugglers Gift Pail

The top of the can was looking boring so I created a few labels.  I just can’t stop making chalkboard labels.

Dad Baby Gift Labels

Download labels HERE

Like I said – these are easy and practical gifts for the baby and the parents.

Easton 8 Months

And while we’re talking about babies, I have to show off my cutie patootie.  Look at that sweet face?!  And do you see that tooth that just popped through?  Can you please stop growing!  I’m not ready for all this yet.

He just turned 8 months and he is crawling all over the place which is making changing diapers 10 times harder.   It also means he needs a good diaper that won’t leak or irritate his skin.  I can honestly say that Huggies diapers are the best!  We’ve tried a lot of different brands and now only buy Huggies.  I love the wetness indicator and they now have an improved pocketed-back waistband.  They also have a gentleabsorb® liner and softer outer cover.  I could really just go on and on about all the great things I love about Huggies Little Snugglers, but I think you should just pick up a few packs the next time your shopping at Kroger.  And remember, always include diapers when you need a baby shower.  That’s my public service announcement for today.


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