Teacher’s Favorite Things Printable Questionnaire

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Send your kids back to school with this fun Teacher’s Favorite Things Printable Questionnaire. This fun survey makes it easy to learn your teacher’s favorite things and will help make gift giving a breeze throughout the year.

Teacher’s Favorite Things Printable Questionnaire

It’s hard to believe that it’s time to head back to school already.  Summer always seems to go by way too fast.  And, now it’s time to start thanking all those fabulous teachers out there. Let’s just start by saying – Thank you teachers for all that you do!  We love and appreciate you more than you know and we want to shower you with gifts throughout the school year.  But, we want to make sure that we give you gifts that you LOVE!  That’s why this Teacher’s Favorite Things Questionnaire is so important.  Use it to learn what your child’s teacher really loves so you know exactly what fun gifts to buy them throughout the school year.

Whether your kids have already started school or are getting ready to head back soon, this Teacher’s Favorite Things Questionnaire is the perfect free printable to stick in their backpack.  All your teacher has to do is list a few of their favorite things and you now have a fun list of gift ideas for the school year.  Trust me, your child’s teacher will truly appreciate this and we all know how fun it is to surprise our hardworking teachers.

Teacher's Favorite Things Questionnaire Free Printable

I created a blank printable so that you can easily personalize it yourself. Just add the teacher’s name to the top and your child’s name after “Thank you!”. This free download is actually an editable file.  Once you download it, you’ll open it in PowerPoint and edit the text box using your favorite font and then print it out.  It is still an 8.5 x 11 image so it will print on a regular piece of printer paper.

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  1. Is there a way to download this to be able to edit all of the text and not just the teacher’s name and student’s name? There are a couple of categories I’d love to replace with something else.