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This past weekend my hubby and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.  Many of you know that my husband is currently deployed so we couldn’t actually celebrate our anniversary together.
I wanted to send him a little something fun so he knows how much we love him.  We don’t usually do fancy or expensive gifts so sending him a Box of Love was the perfect gift.  The idea was inspired by the Box of Sunshine I sent to my best friend after she had surgery a few months ago and I love how it turned out.
Box of Love

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Connor and I headed out to find all sorts of fun things that were red.  I lined a box with heart tissue paper and filled the box with all the red treats that we found.  Then I cut out pink and red hearts and wrote little messages on each heart.  Connor’s are in red and mine are written on pink hearts.  My favorite is the one that Connor said – “I love you because you are stronger than the hulk.”

I love creating meaningful gifts and this Box of Love and the Box of Sunshine are probably my favorite gifts that I’ve given.  Even though we were limited to finding red items, we were still able to find a lot of items that I knew my hubby would love and needed.
I can’t wait until he gets it!
What fun anniversary gifts have you made?  I’d love for you to leave a link in the comments below.

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  1. Hello Kara!
    What a great idea for a gift! Brilliant! I can only imagine how happy is your husband with this gift.
    Kara, I have an unrelated question to this post. Recently, without knowing about your Pinterest Challenge, I came up with a very similar idea which I called ”Project Pinterest”. Here is the link to my Linky:
    I am wondering if you could add me as one of the co-hosts for your Pinterest Challenge link party. Are you planning to host it on October 1st? Please, let me know @
    Best wishes,

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I love the love box!! It’s so fun and creative. Since I can’t be there, I’m going to give my college daughter one on her birthday filled with her favorite color. Thanks for the inspiration and awesome idea!!

  3. Thanks Crystal. That sounds like a great gift idea! I would love to get that from my mom. Her roommates are going to be so jealous:)