Fun Games to Play at the Dinner Table

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Does your family love to play games together?  Then you’ll love these fun games to play at the dinner table.

Fun Games to Play at the Dinner Table

I don’t know about you but getting Connor to talk about his day at school can be like pulling teeth.  When we sit down for dinner, he barely has anything to say and he’s only 7.  I decided it was time to make dinnertime more exciting so we’ve started playing fun games together while eating dinner.

And guess what?  Now we all look forward to spending time together at the table.

Woud you rather dinnertime game
Would you rather…? – This has been awesome!  I feel like we’ve learned so much about each other because of these fun questions that we ask.  The rule is that you have to answer the question and explain why.  I just search would you rather questions on Pinterest and print them out.  Then I keep a mason jar full of questions.

Tic Tac Toe Dinnertime Game

Tic-Tac-Toe – This is another fun game to play.  We all take turns playing together while we sit and eat dinner.  Who doesn’t love a good game of Tic-Tac-Toe?!

two truths and a lie dinnertime game

Two Truths and a Lie – We’ve been playing this a lot lately.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the game two truths and lie before.  But to get Connor talking about his day, we play it where you have to give two truths and one lie about events from your day.  This has helped get Connor to talk more about what he’s been up to at school and it gets us all laughing together.

10 things I Love About - Dinnertime games10 Things I Love About… – We take turns choosing a topic. Then we go around the table and everyone names something they love about that topic.  Examples include seasons, holidays, person, place, etc.  We try to come up with 10 things we love about whatever the topic is.  The other night we had to give 10 things we love about Sweet Frog because that is Connor’s favorite treat.

thank youABC’s of Gratitude – This is a fun game to start and continue throughout the week. Each family member shares what they are grateful for but in alphabetical order.  So the first person might be thankful for apples, then the next person may be thankful for books, and so on until you go from A to Z!  Sound difficult? Try it and see.

Fun Games to Play at the Dinner Table

I finally feel like we are spending quality time together while we eat dinner.  We put the electronics away and have fun without anything distracting us.

Do you have any fun games that you play together while eating dinner?  Please share so we can add it to our list of dinnertime games.

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    By any chance do you have a printable for the Would you Rather questions.
    And happy Holidays!