Fidget Spinner Math Activity {Free Printable}

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Well, fidget spinners are still a big deal around here and I love the idea of using them to practice or learn new skills.  I’ve seen so many fabulous ideas on Pinterest for using them in the classroom so I had to create something for us to use at home.

Connor is about to start learning division in school so we need to make sure he knows all of his multiplication facts.  He knows them but it takes him a while on some of the problems.  I want him to be able to call them out immediately so I created this free printable.  All of the math fidget spinner printables I found online already had the problems on the sheet.  I wanted one printable that I can use over and over again and write in my own problems for Connor to review. Now I can randomly write in numbers and create problems for Connor to practice.

It’s such a simple math activity but adding that darn fidget spinner just seems to make it awesome.  He places his fidget spinner on the paper, spins it and tries to complete as many problems as he can before it stops spinning.  This is his math practice every day after school and he seems excited to see if he can finish more problems before the fidget spinner stops spinning.

Fidget Spinner Math Free Printable

This would be great to use in the classroom because the students can work with a partner.  One student writes in the numbers and then they switch to work on the problems.  They can even switch back and check their partners paper to make sure the problems are correct.

The great thing about this printable is it can be used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Download Math Fidget Spinner Activity HERE.

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What fun learning games are you playing?

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