Fall Into Reading – 20 Book Challenge Free Printable

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Fall into reading with a 20 Book Challenge.  Download the free printable and have fun reading!


Are you up for a fun challenge?

Connor is finally starting to enjoy reading.  And I say finally because it has been a struggle for him.  After finding the right books to motivate him, his reading has improved tremendously.  It also helped that he loved his teacher last year.  So to help him read different genres, we’re taking the 20 Book Challenge.

What does the 20 Book Challenge mean?

It means that together we are going to read 20 books.  Every day we read together after school or right before bed and now we’re going to make it even more fun.  Our goal is to read 20 books between now and December 1.  I know that we can do it but this challenge requires us to read different books that we usually read together.

Download the 20 Book challenge free printable and have fun reading!

Fall into reading with a 20 Book Challenge. Download the free printable and have fun reading!

He still doesn’t always want to read or he chooses to read the same kind of book over and over again.  He prefers mysteries and graphic novels but with this challenge, we are going to read new genres we haven’t read before.

Want to join us?  Download the 20 Book Challenge printable HERE.


And, you can’t enjoy a good book without a little snack.  No matter how busy our day gets, we always find time to take a break and read together.  Most days we either read before bed or curl up on the sofa after school with a book and snack.  Lately we’ve been munching on Goldfish® crackers while reading together.  Can you go wrong with Goldfish® crackers?  We don’t thing so!


It’s all about the little things in life.  Taking the 20 Book Challenge with Connor means taking time out of our busy day to spend quality time together.

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