Donut Birthday Cake

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Yesterday my baby turned 6!

I still can’t believe that Connor is 6 years old.  Where have these years gone?

Last year I made him Birthday Waffles but this year I thought it would be fun to surprise Connor with a Donut Birthday Cake.

donut birthday cake

It was easy to put together and he loved it.  Purchase your favorite donuts and arrange them on a plate.  Then add candles and you are ready to serve your Donut Birthday Cake.

I just picked up a dozen glazed donuts at the grocery store.  Then I made some extra glaze icing using confectioners’ sugar and milk.  I dipped each donut in the glaze and then dipped it in the sprinkles.

donut birthday cake

So fun!

Connor thinks the birthday fairy came and delivered his birthday donut cake to him since they were on the table when he woke up.

This might just have to become a birthday tradition in our house.  What birthday traditions do you have?

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