Dangling Discs Necklace

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One of my favorite things to do is make jewelry and I don’t do it as much as I would like.  So when I took the 30 Days of Creativity challenge, I decided to focus on making some new jewelry.

When I recently came across a Dangling Discs necklace at Ann Taylor Loft, I thought to myself “I have to make that!”

I already had all the supplies I needed except the small silver discs.  I looked on Etsy under supplies and found them on One Dollar Shop for $1.  You can’t beat that!!

Materials needed to make your very own necklace:

  • Chain – I used two different kinds because I wanted to use up what I had.  One had larger links than the other.
  • Jump rings
  • Small metal discs with a top hole
  • 1 clasp – Optional depending on how long you want your necklace
  • Pliers – You can use craft pliers or any type of pliers.  I actually use two pairs to hold and separate the jump rings and chain links.  It makes it easier to hold the small pieces.
  • Optional – Metal decorative charms ( I added these for texture and design purposes.)

**I got all of my supplies at Michaels except the discs.

Directions to make your very own Dangling Discs Necklace:
Step 1:
Measure how long you want your necklace to be.  I wanted mine to be 32 inches.  Then measure your chain.  Use your pliers to separate the links to shorten the chain.
Step 2: (Optional)
Add a clasp to one end of the chain using a jump ring.  If your links are small, add a jump ring to the other end of the chain so the clasp can hook on.  If you want your necklace long than you don’t really need a clasp.  You can just join the two ends of the chain together using a jump ring.
Step 3:
Start adding jump rings to your metal discs.  The best way to do this is to twist the jump rings slightly instead of pulling the rings apart.  This will make it easier to close and attach to the chain.
Step 4:
Add your discs to the chain by attaching the jump rings to the links of the chain.  You can do this in any order, pattern, design that you want.
·       I started by putting 1 disc in the very center of the chain then placed 3 discs before and after the center disc.
·       Then I clustered discs together randomly up the two sides of the chain.  I used 28 discs altogether.
Step 5:  Optional
I decided to add some small metal charms that look like flowers.  You don’t have to do this.  I just did it because I already had the small charms and thought it would be a nice little addition.  The necklace looked just as good without these small charms.
Final Step:
Put on your fabulous new Dangling Discs Necklace and enjoy all the wonderful compliments you get.  Then when someone asks where you bought it, you get to say that you made it yourself!!
I was able to finish this necklace while watching a movie with my wonderful husband so it can be done in less than two hours.

I hope this inspires you to make your own necklace.  Please leave a comment if you use these directions to make a similar necklace.  Also, I would love to see jewelry you’ve made recently so leave a link with a comment below so I can check out your fabulous creations.

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  2. Thank you for joining in the Planet Weidknecht Sunday Hop! I’m a loyal follower of yours!

    Love that chain. I don’t have the patience to do things like that.

  3. So pretty!! You have definitely inspired me!

    Just stopping by to say Hi and thank you for joining the Tuesday Train!

  4. Wonderful job and gorgeous necklace! Such an inspiration for me – I have no experience making jewelry but I really want to try it! I have been wanting to make some jewelry out of all the hardware (washers, nuts, ball chain, etc) just laying around my husband’s plant but when I go to find what I need I get so confused. Thank you so much for the visual of what you used. 🙂 it’s a big help!

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  7. Kara, what a beautifully done necklace and excellent tutorial.

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