Birthday Card Accordion – Celebrating Birthday Weeks!

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In our house we don’t just celebrate birthdays – we celebrate birthday weeks or would it be birthweeks?  Either way, birthdays are a big deal around here.  And since the hubby is deployed this year for his birthday, I had to make it extra special.

Accordion Birthday Card

For his first gift I took 7 of the Hallmark Value Cards I picked up at Walmart and created an accordion.  This way he opens a different card each day of the week.  Connor and I wrote little messages in each card along with why he is the best husband/dad and a few of our favorite memories.  I also put some pictures in each card.

Accordion Birthday Card - Step 1

Just use double sided tape to attach 7 envelopes together.  Then place your cards, messages, pictures, etc. in each envelope.  I love the idea of putting a $5 or $10 gift card in each envelope but since my hubby can’t use them right now, he is stuck with little notes and pictures:)

Birthday Card Accordion - Birthday Gift Idea

Next, I found these sticker labels and labeled the envelopes with the days of the week.  Since his birthday is on a Monday, the first envelope is labeled with Monday.  I gave Connor a pack of birthday stickers and he decorated the envelopes with birthday stickers.

Birthday Card Accordion - Birthday Gift Idea

Then fold up all the cards like an accordian.  I wanted to decorate the cover of the accordian so I took one of the cards, cut it in half, and taped it to the front.  Since the cards are only .49 cents, they are perfect for decorating and scrapbooking.

Now it is all ready to send in his birthday care package.

Birthdays make me so happy!!

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  1. Super cute and easy idea!! My daughters birthday is coming up and she is away at college. This will make a great surprise for her! Thanks for the great idea!!