Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath

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I put my 4th of July wreath away over the weekend and realized that I hadn’t shared my Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath yet.

Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath

I think I say this every time I make a new wreath but this might be my favorite one yet.  I love the color and I love the starfish.  I’ve been wanting to make a burlap bubble wreath for awhile now and my front door gets so hot in the summer time that I needed something that didn’t require using a glue gun.

Want to make one too?  I promise it’s easy.

Materials needed:

  • straw wreath
  • blue burlap ribbon (2 rolls)
  • tan burlap ribbon (2 rolls)
  • blue net burlap ribbon (1 roll)
  • floral greening pins
  • 2 starfish
  • glitter mod podge
  • paint brush
  • super glue or glue gun with glue sticks

Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath

Step 1:  Wrap tan burlap around entire wreath and secure ends with greening pins.

Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath

Step 2:  Start adding the blue burlap ribbon by securing one end with a greening pin.  Then, every 2-3 inches secure a section of the burlap ribbon to the wreath with a greening pin creating a bubble.  Continue around the entire wreath.  I did this in 4 layers so the entire front of the wreath was covered.

Step 3:  Next, layer the net burlap over the tan burlap.  Cut sections of 4 inches and secure in random places around the wreath.

Step 4:  Paint starfish with glitter mod podge.  When that dries, glue starfish to wreath.

Step 5:  Hang and admire your gorgeous new summer wreath.

Summer Burlap and Starfish Wreath

I can’t stop staring at it on my door.

So, what do you think?  A gorgeous burlap and starfish wreath in 4 easy steps.  Not too bad!  It’s a perfect summer project to work on and all your friends will want one.  I just helped my neighbor make a green one for her front door that turned out great.

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