Spring Bling Week – Color Block Beaded Earrings

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Welcome to Spring Bling Week!

Holly from 504 Main
Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects
Rebecca from My Girlish Whims
Natalie from North Shore Days
What better way to welcome spring than with some new bling!!
I’ve teamed up with 6 awesome blogs to bring you 7 fabulous jewelry tutorials and 4 fun giveaways.
Adrianne and I will be starting the week with our tutorials.
Today I’m sharing coral and purple color block beaded earrings.
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Now I have to admit that I struggle with mixing patterns and colors.  I so wish I could do it but I never seem to like how it looks on me.
I also love purple!  I wear it all the time and I recently saw on Pinterest a few purple and coral color block outfits.  I realized that I could easily pull the look off if I just added a little coral when I wear all my favorite purple tops.
Want to make your own color block beaded earrings?
All you need are:
 small beads in one color
teardrop beads in another color
earring hooks
chain or jump rings
round nose pliers
I found the coral beads at Walmart and the purple teardrop beads at Michael’s.
Step 1:  Add headpins to the small beads and create loops using round nose pliers.  I used a headpin for the teardrop beads also.  Use the pliers to cut off the head of the pin, place wire through the opening and twist.  Cut off one of the ends and create a loop with the other end.
Step 2:  Add 2 links of chain or 2 jump rings to the earring hooks.  Add the teardrop bead to the end
Step 3:  Randomly add your small beads to the links.
That’s it!  Now you have a beautiful pair of color block earrings to wear.
Don’t forget to visit Adrianne over at Happy Hour Projects to see her jewelry tutorial and my other fabulous co-hosts throughout the week to see more spring bling jewelry tutorials!!
Tuesday: Rebecca & Natalie
Wednesday: Holly
Thursday:  Amy & Kate

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  1. Gorgeous! It’s earrings like these that make me wish I had ‘normal’ ear piercings! Great tutorial too.

  2. you’ve explained this beautifully! It makes me want to get back into making jewelry 🙂 I still have boxes of beads and pliers from when I spent my every night making jewelry for craft shows. Love the colors together, your earrings are very pretty! I just came across this combo too. Last week I was struggling with a coral/pink gingham top and cold temperatures, designer seeds inspired this same combo – so I added a deep purple cardigan. It was last week fashion post!

  3. These are so pretty! I have to admit that jewelry making kind of scares me, but you have definitely made it look do-able. And by the way, I love the idea of photographing the earrings hanging over a bowl. Brilliant!

  4. I so need to try making my own earrings! They’re totally customizable that way.

  5. Kara – I LOVE these! I hardly ever make earrings, and I should!! Great inspiration!!

  6. These are just beautiful Kara!! Thanks so much for shaing how to create these!

  7. Very pretty! Love the color combo! One of my pierced ears ripped when I was younger so no more cute earrings for me unfortunately!

  8. How beautiful! These are perfect for spring! I popped over from Making the World Cuter–thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  9. Hello Kara. I love the earrings! How recently did you purchase the purple tear drop beads from Michaels ? I’ve gone to 2 stores and can’t find them anywhere??