Spring Bling Week – Pearl Cluster Earrings

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I’m not even sure if this really counts as a tutorial because these were the easiest earrings to make!
pearl cluster earrings

I found these gorgeous pearl cluster beads last week at Michael’s and was super excited!!  I had just looked up tutorials on how to make pearl clusters and then I see these.  I now wish I would have grabbed them all!  I guess it’s a good excuse to go to back to Michael’s.

pearl cluster earrings supplies
All you need are two earring hooks, two headpins, two of the pearl cluster beads (they come in packs of 4), two clear beads (which come with the pearl cluster beads), and round nose pliers.
Place one clear bead on the headpin, then add your pearl cluster bead.  Next, use your round nose pliers to create a loop and add your earring hook.  
So simple!  I can’t wait to wear these to work tomorrow!!
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What a great week!
Doesn’t new jewelry always make the day so much better?!

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  1. How cute! Mingling from “I gotta try that Monday Party!” I look forward to you coming and visiting me!

  2. I love pearls and these are so pretty. I’ll have to make some of these. I found you via Lil’ Luna. I would love for you to visit my little cleaning blog here