Relax the Stress Away {Gift in a Mug}

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It’s time to Relax the Stress Away with this fun Gift in a Mug!  Put together a fun gift for a friend who needs a little break and make one for yourself so you can take a few minutes to relax.

Relax the Stress Away Gift in a Mug

Relax the Stress Away Gift in a Mug

January is Hot Tea Month which makes this gift in a mug even more appropriate.  Some people seem to need a reminder that it’s okay to take a few minutes and relax.  This cute DIY gift can be whipped up in a matter of minutes and it gives your friend an excuse to relax the stress away.

What you’ll need:

Focus on items that are calming and relaxing.  I immediately thought of face masks and beauty products that will force the person to stop what they’re doing a sit still for a few minutes.  This could also include a magazine, book, journal, adult coloring book.  I wanted everything to fit in a mug so I chose small items.

I started by filling the mug with chocolate because that’s perfect for stress.  I added a few bath bombs and face masks.  I also included a packet of foot soak, hair conditioning oil, nail polish, and lip balm.  The directions all require you to sit still for at least 10 minutes which is what I wanted.

Relax Gift in a Mug

Relax the Stress Away Gift in a Mug

Then, I added tea packets.  Nothing says relaxing better than a hot cup of tea!  It’s the perfect treat when you need to relax the stress away.  I don’t know about you, but a hot cup of tea is always relaxing to me.  I love to make a hot cup of teaea and paint my nails or apply a face mask.  I can take a 15 minute break from my busy day and just enjoy some me time.

Now you’re ready to assemble your Relax the Stress Away gift.  All you have to do is place everything in a fun mug for the perfect gift.

Relax Gift in a Mug

How cute is this gift in a mug?

Honestly, I had no idea there were so many individually packaged spa products out there until I created this gift.  I love applying exfoliating scrubs and face masks so this was so fun for me to put together.  I definitely made sure to pick up a few for myself so I can relax my stress away.

This is such a simple gift to put together to help people unwind and relax.  I think I say this with every gift I put together, but this might be my favorite gift in a mug.  Everyone needs an excuse to relax so put together a few of these fun gifts and encourage your favorite people to relax their stress away!

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  1. Hi Kara! I just want to tell you that I love your ideas and I especially love your yellow mug! I have a couple of friends who could use that right now. So tomorrow I will make them and deliver. They really are cute! And I love everything you have done. Keep up the good work! Regina xo