Warm and Cozy Gift in a Mug

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Send warm wishes to all your favorite people this winter with this Warm & Cozy Gift in a Mug.

Warm & Cozy Gift in a Mug

Well, can you tell that I’m a little obsessed with gifts in a mug?  Ok, maybe not just a little – maybe a lot!  Which means if your birthday is coming up and we’re celebrating together, you’ll be getting a fun gift in a mug from me:)

I mean really, who doesn’t love all those fun mugs that you can pretty much find anywhere?!  I think every time I go shopping, I come home with a new mug.  Fill them up with all your favorite things and you’ve got the perfect gift.

This Warm and Cozy Gift in a Mug is for my sister-in-law.  I filled the mug with all my favorite winter essentials – tech-tip gloves, hand lotionotion, lip balm, and a Starbucks gift card – Everything you need to stay warm and cozy this winter.  I also filled the bottom of the mug with Hershey kisses because everyone needs chocolate.

Now I’m headed back to the store because I’m keeping this mug for myself.

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  1. I love the snow and getting to take the kids sledding and making a snowman and decorating for the Holidays!

  2. watching the snow fall if I don’t have to go out there and I think my cup of tea tastes better in the winter