Magnetic Board

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I’m so excited about this easy project that I just finished for Connor’s playroom.

I made a magnetic board to hang up his artwork and it turned out better than I thought it would.  The best part is that it cost less than $20.

To make your own magnetic board, you will need the following materials:

  • Old frame (I used an old 24 x 36 inch frame I had in the garage)
  • 1 yard of fabric
  • A sheet of metal (make sure the metal is magnetic).  I found mine in the duct work aisle at my local Home Depot.  It was the exact size that I needed but it could easily be cut to fit any frame.
  • Duct tape
  • Paint if you want to paint the frame.
The fabric I used was 7.99 a yard but I had a 40% off coupon and the sheet metal was $9.99.  Everything else I already had around the house.
The first step was to paint the frame.  I had a black frame and wanted it white.  Then I wrapped the fabric around the sheet of metal and adhered it with the duct tape.  Then I placed it in the frame and hung it on the wall.

So easy!!  The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry because I’m so impatient:)

Do you need a magnetic board in your playroom, kitchen, or office?  If so, follow these simple directions to make your own.  Leave a link below if you make your own magnetic board.  I’d love to see it.

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  1. I agree!! Great idea!! I need this for my son! I’m running out of room for his artwork. =) Thank you!

  2. Super cute! I’ve wanted to do some projects that require sheet metal, but how to you cut them to the size you want? Do you have to have tools, cause I don’t 🙁 {other than the basics like hammer, level, a drill…}

  3. The sheet metal comes in all sizes at home depot. The one I got was the exact size I needed. It is thinner because it is in the duct work aisle. I saw other pieces of metal in a different aisle but it was thicker and more expensive. I heard that they will cut it for you if you ask them. Hopefully they will:)