Fun Craft Idea – Marshmallow Igloos

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This is a great craft to do with kids and once again it is easy and inexpensive!

A few weeks ago Connor and his friend Spencer made marshmallow igloos.  This was also one of our January activities.  We picked this card from our box on the refrigerator and it became our afternoon craft.

Materials Needed:

  • Mini-marshmallows
  • Icing
  • Paper plate
  • Paper cup
  • Put icing all over the paper cup.  Stick marshmallows on the icing around the entire cup (sides and top).
Add more marshmallows to the front to make the entryway to the igloo.  Add icing to each marshmallow to make sure they stick together.

I’m not sure what the boys enjoyed more:  eating the marshmallows, licking the icing or making the igloos:)

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