Coffee Filter Snowflakes

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This was a super easy craft my 2 year old had a blast doing!
Materials needed:
  • coffee filters
  • markers
  • scissors
  • Spray bottle filled with water
Step 1:  Color the coffee filters with washable markers.
Step 2:  Spray the coffee filters with water using a spray bottle.
Step 3:  Let coffee filters dry completely (it doesn’t take long).
Step 4:  Fold and cut.
Step 5:  Hang and admire.  I love the tie dye look of the snowflakes.  We hung ours on the window so we can pretend it’s snowing outside.
Have fun making your own coffee filter snowflakes!!

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  2. I do this with my science class. We cut out Christmas lights and I decorate our classroom with them.

  3. What a fantastic and creative idea, I love it! <3

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    Happy Weekend!

  4. Stopping over from Military Monday. Those are awesome little snowflakes! My kids are 7 & 9, but they’d have a lot of fun with this!