Family Charging Station

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We desperately needed a place to charge our electronics so when I came across this mail organizer at Target, I decided to turn it into our Family Charging Station.

Family Charging Station

I drilled a few holes in the back so the cords could attach to our phones, iPad, and Connor’s tablet and it was good to go.  I also made a small label and attached it to the metal label on the front.

Family Charging Station

Now all I need to do is hook up our electronics and they can charge.  Plus, I now know where to find the iPad and tablet when we need them.

A super easy DIY project that I love!

Family Charging Station

And, while shopping at Sam’s Club last week, I found these super cute Kleenex boxes.  The Kleenex Perfect Fit fits into your stylish lifestyle easily.  They are decorative and fit perfectly in your small spaces.  I’ve placed them all over – in each bathroom, on my nightstand and on my desk at work.

Kleenex Perfect Fit

So, stop at Sam’s Club now through May 31st to pick up your boxes of Kleenex Perfect Fit.

How do you keep your electronics organized and charged?  Do you have a family charging station?  If not, this simple DIY is the perfect project for you!!

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  1. I love this idea! Thank you for posting this… one question, how did you make the label to replace the sign on the front to read “recharge here’?