Easy Candy Bar Gift Box {Awesome Gift Idea}

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I’ve got an awesome gift idea for you today!  We were headed out for a friend’s birthday over the weekend and I wanted a fun way to wrap it.  The gift itself was just a gift card so I made a fun Candy Bar Gift Box using a round container and candy bars.

Candy Bar Cake 2

The container is a snack container so this is also an awesome upcycle project.  Never throw those cans and containers away.  You might just need them one day.

Want to make an easy candy bar gift box?

All you need is a container, candy bars, glues dots, and ribbon.

Candy Bar Gift Box

First, fill the container with your gift.  Then use the glue dots to adhere candy bars all the way around the container.  Add ribbon to the top of the container.

Top it off with this fabulous Decorative Strip Die – Celebrate & Make a Wish from the Sizzix® Where Women Cook line and you have an awesome Candy Bar Gift Box.

Oh my goodness – how fun is this gift?  This is my new favorite way to wrap presents.

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Happy crafting my friends!

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  1. Saw this in your email about graduation gifts so my mind kicked into that gear and started coming up with appropriate candy/candy bars: $100,000, PayDay, Smarties…. I’m sure there are more!