Fabulous and Free Target SVG Cut Files

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Do you love Target as much as I do? Have a friend who loves Target? Then you definitely need to make a few things with these FREE Target SVG Cut Files.

I can't be trusted at Target SVG Cut File

Free Target SVG Cut File – I can’t be trusted at Target

Well, I did it.  I finally created these awesome Target SVG Cut Files.  It just had to happen.  I was originally going to make a t-shirt but then I quickly realized that a shopping bag would be much more practical.  The only problem is that I rarely leave Target with one bag so I better make a few more.

So, who can relate to this?  Can you be trusted at Target?  Can anyone really be trusted to stick to their shopping list when shopping at Target?  I know I can’t be trusted at Target.  Stuff just ends up in my cart and I’m not even sure how it got it there:)

Want to make something cute with this free SVG cut file?  Of course you do!  Download the FREE I Can’t Be Trusted at Target SVG cut file HERE.

And, there’s more!

Target Free SVG Cut File

Target SVG Cut File Collection

I love to go to Target, grab a Starbucks, and walk around Target.  Sometimes I need something and sometimes I don’t need anything. Sometimes I remember everything I need on my list and most times I end up with stuff in my cart that I don’t need but at least I get a little me time.  I rarely take my hubby to Target and I try not to take the kids with me.  It’s definitely my happy place.

Is Target your happy place?  Download this entire collection of SVG cut files, create something fabulous, and enjoy your long romantic walks down every aisle at Target while sipping your coffee.

Download the collection here

What can you make with these FREE SVG Cut files?

Here are just a few fun ideas of how to use these cut files.

  • Everyone needs a Target shirt!
  • And, every target lover needs a fun mug.
  • Decorate a water bottle.
  • Use glitter vinyl to decorate wine glasses.
  • Make a cute makeup bag,
  • Make fun gifts for your besties

What would you make with these free cut files?

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  1. Omigoodness this is PERFECT for my one daughter!! While I like Target, she LOVES Target -hahahah.

    Thank you so much for such a creative way to ‘express the love’ 😉

  2. Can you please post some “Black Girl Magic” svg I can’t find any I like.

    Thank you