Set of 4 Printable Bathroom Signs

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Decorate your bathroom with these fun and free Printable Bathroom Signs. Just download, print, and add these free funny bathroom printables to your favorite frame.

Free Bathroom Printables displayed in frames.

Free Bathroom Printables

We’re in the middle of remodeling our guest bathroom and I was looking for some cute artwork that was simple, funny and perfect for a bathroom.  I kept coming across funny bathroom sayings that were perfect for a guest bathroom so I did what every crafty person does – I made a few myself using one of my favorite fonts.  And, since I love sharing free printable with all of you, I decided that it would be fun to create a set of 4 Printable Bathroom Signs and share them with all of my favorite readers:)

Decorate your bathroom with these free bathroom printables.

Now I just need to decide which one is my favorite.  I guess I better print them all out so I can rotate them every few weeks.

Once you download these free funny bathroom printables, print on heavy cardstock and add to your favorite frame.  That’s all you need to do to add a fun little sign to your bathroom.

There are a few ways to use these fRee printables:

  1. Keep it simple and just add the printable to your favorite frame.
  2. Print the printable and add to your favorite frame but keep the glass off the frame.  Use double sided tape on the back of the printable to keep it from falling out of the frame.
  3. Use spray adhesive or Mod Podge to adhere printable to a piece of wood.

How to Print these Bathroom Puzzles

Printing on cardstock or photo paper is definitely the best way to print printables. When I’ve tried to print on regular printer paper I’ve found that the ink causes the paper to wrinkle a little especially if the printable requires a lot of ink. Framing a printable on good quality paper makes a huge difference.

I also recommend using a professional printing service to get the best quality. I go to Office Depot or Staples a lot to print my printables. I’ve also used Shutterfly and Walgreens to print large printables.  Most printables use a lot of ink so it may even save you money to get them professionally printed.

I hope you like these FREE Bathroom Printables as much as I do!  Download them and have fun decorating your bathroom.  And, don’t forget to snap a picture, share on Instagram and tag @karacreatesblog.  I’m pretty sure your guests are definitely going to smile when they see your new bathroom decor.

Set of 4 Free Bathroom Printables - Decorate your bathroom with these free funny bathroom printables.

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  1. Kara what font did you use for the bathroom signs, Mainly the best seat in the house. I love this and all of your cute things.