Reindeer Treat Bags

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Today’s holiday craft project is brought to you by Connor.  He came up with these fabulous Reindeer Treat Bags all by himself and together we put them together.


And, guess what?  It’s also time for Craft Lightning so you know what that means!  That means that these Reindeer Treat bags can be made in less than 15 minutes.  You can actually make about 10 in 15 minutes and if you have more helpers, you could easily

Materials needed:

  • clear cone bags
  • chocolate covered peanuts and/or raisins
  • brown pipe cleaners
  • pencil
  • red pom poms (1 inch)
  • googly eyes (10mm)
  • jingle bells
  • glue dots


  1. Fill clear bags with 1/2 cup of chocolate treats.
  2. Add two jingle bells to center of one pipe cleaner.  Wrap pipe cleaner around bag and twist to hold in place.
  3. Wrap ends of pipe cleaner around a pencil to curl edges.
  4. Use glue dots to add red pom pom and two eyes to each treat bag.

Reindeer Treat Bags

Oh my goodness!  Aren’t they adorable?!

Connor wants to take them for all his friends at school so we’ll be making more for his class holiday party.  These are great little party favors if you’re planning a holiday party; especially if you’re having a holiday party for kids.

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  1. Where did you find the clear cone bags? All I see are Wilton’s and they have printing on their bags.