Personalized Beaded Keychains

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Are you looking for a fun summer craft that won’t take all day?  Then these personalized beaded keychains are perfect.  You can make one in less than 15 minutes or make a few in less than an hour and give them out to your favorite people.

Personalized Beaded Keychains - 15 Minute Craft

Connor picked out his new backpack over the weekend and then told me that he wanted to put a keychain with his name on the zipper like he had last year.  Last year I put a keychain on his zipper in case someone had a similar backpack in his class.  I already had container full of beads so I thought it would be fun for him to make his own personalized keychain.

Supplies Needed:

  • alphabet Beads
  • assorted beads
  • keychain rings
  • ribbon, string, or cording (we used all 3 because that’s what I already had)

Step 1:  Cut a piece of string twice the length you will need.  Thread it through the key ring and fold it over so that you have two strings that same length.

Step 2:  Add your beads through both strings.

Step 3:  Tie a know at the end.

Personalized Beaded Keychains - 15 Minute Craft

That’s it!  Now you have a cute personalized beaded keychain.

After Connor finished making his own, he made one for mom and dad:)  Now he wants to make more for his cousins and his Grammy.

What 15 minute crafts have you and your child made recently?


  1. where do you get the matierals for the personalized beaded key ring my son wants to make some

  2. susan moore says reply. u can get lots of craft suplies or matierals at Micheals thay sell some nice bead and cords of ribbon keyrings you can get at the dollar store.

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