Fun New Year Family Traditions

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Ring in the new year with these fun New Year Family Traditions.


I’m sure you can tell by now that I love family traditions.  Over the years there are a few New Year traditions that we love to do.  Today I’m sharing five simple New Year Family Traditions that are fun for the entire family.

Family Photo – Take a family picture every year on New Year’s Day.  This is one that we’ve been doing every year since we got married and now my boys are stuck taking pictures with me every year.  I’m just hoping I can get Easton to sit still long enough this year for a picture.

Top 10 – Create a year in review from the previous year and list your 10 favorite memories.  It might even be your Top 15 or Top 20.  I can’t wait to start this tradition this year.

Create – Make noise makers and party poppers to ring in the new year.  Then, stay up late and have some fun!  Connor and I started this tradition a few years ago.  And, it keeps him busy while he makes them

Bucket List – Together as a family, create a bucket list of all the things you would like to do it in the new year.

Favorite Things – Start the year with love and appreciation by having everyone share what they appreciate about themselves, about each other, and about their lives.  This is my favorite!  Spend some time reflecting on what you appreciate and are most thankful for.


Do you have any fun New Year family traditions?

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