My Clean and Organized Refrigerator

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Check out my clean and organized refrigerator!  Want your refrigerator to look like this too?  Check out these simple tips.

 I desperately needed to clean and organize my refrigerator so I picked up a few things and now look how clean it is.

  • First, remove everything from the refrigerator.  EVERYTHING!
  • Throw away expired food.  I was shocked at how much stuff we had in there that we no longer needed.
  • Clean the entire refrigerator.  I used my homemade cleaner – directions below.
  • Use baskets and a lazy susan to organize items in the refrigerator.

Isn’t it fantastic!  So satisfying.  Too bad it won’t stay like this for long.

It’s amazing how a few organizational items can transform your entire refrigerator.  It’s also amazing how clean your refrigerator can be when you take everything out and only put the essentials back in.  I need to start doing this at least once a month.

After a full trash bag of old and expired food, my refrigerator is clean and organized.

I also made an easy cleaning solution to clean the inside of my refrigerator and freezer.

  Just mix together 2 teaspoons lemon juice, 1/2 cup baking soda, and 4 cups warm water in a container and clean away.

Now, I desperately need to go grocery shopping:)

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  1. Well if you had any food in there it would be good looking. Where is all your stuff? I really don’t see things that a normal family would have in your reg. Maybe I just have to much but we need all kinds of things. We’ve got 3 different kinds of mustard alone then mayo, salad dressing and loads of stuff to put on your salads where is the lettuce? Then what about breakfast stuff like rolls,more than 2 yogurt,eggs,bacon,sausage,jelly,butter,margarine,pace sauce for eggs. I could go on and on. Just don’t see normal stuff in your. Sorry but felt like this needed to be addressed too.

  2. Depending on whether you live in the country or in town, my fridge used to be a bit more sparse when we lived in town, and we only had a couple toddlers, now we are a family with 5 boys with veracious appetites, and we live on a farmette out in the country. So, depending on different life stages, my fridge looks different! We always now have tons of eggs, until Sunday when we deliver the weeks worth of eggs from our chickens to friends at church, there are always half gallon jars of milk, jars of fresh cream to make butter, in the summer, the fridge is full of fresh fruit and veggies from our farm and neighbors, and during the winter, there are big containers of leftover soup as I make 12-16 quarts of soup at a time to last for 2 meals ;), so I think your fridge looks great, and different seasons and tastes for different folks! Thanks for the inspiration to clean and organize MY fridge!

  3. Just did the cleaning for the first time using this cleaner. Thank you thank you thank you. It is sparkly, clean and was no smells. I am becoming more sensitive to the harsh cleaners so I am grateful for this.