Monster Spray

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Is your child afraid of monsters? If so, then you need Monster Spray!!

Lately Connor has been complaining about monsters in his room at night. I’m not sure if he has made this up so he can stay up later or if he is really afraid. Either way, I decided to make monster spray.

I took my weekly trip to Michaels and found some cute monster stickers. I took an old Glade spray bottle, peeled of the labels, and decorated the bottle with the monster stickers and some letters I already had.  Then I just added some water to the spray bottle.  You could also add some essential oil if you wanted to add a scent but I didn’t.

Now we spray his room every night before we go to bed to keep the monsters away. Connor keeps it on the side of his bunk bed just in case he needs it in the middle of night.

It seems to be working. So if your child is complaining of being afraid of monsters, maybe you need some monster spray also:)

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  2. This monster bug spray is great! Stopping by after seeing a post on parent hacks posted on True Aim’s facebook page!

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  5. I do this with lavender in it. Been doing it for a while helps them sleep and comforts their fears.