How to Decorate Rocks with Temporary Tattoos

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Did you know that you can decorate rocks with temporary tattoos? We’re showing you how easy it is to apply temporary tattoos to rocks with this fun tutorial.

How to apply temporary tattoos to painted rocks

Apply Temporary Tattoos to Rocks

We love painting rocks and we especially LOVE making kindness rocks to hide around our neighborhood.  Sometimes we’ll paint words and fun designs on our rocks but decorating painted rocks with temporary tattoos has become our favorite way to decorate rocks.

Yep- you read that right!  You can use the same temporary tattoos that you apply to your skin to decorate painted rocks.  This also means the possibilities are endless because there are so many temporary tattoos on the market.  I decided to use unicorn and mermaid temporary tattoos to decorate my painted rocks but Connor wasn’t too excited about this:)  He has requested emoji temporary tattoos for our next rock painting craft project.

Supplies needed to Decorate Rocks with Temporary Tattoos

How to Apply Temporary Tattoos to Rocks

Step 1:  Paint the rocks in any color that you want.  We always paint our rocks in bright colors but this step is optional.  You can easily apply temporary tattoos to unpainted rocks as long as they are light colored rocks.

Step 2:  Select the tattoo that you want to apply to the rock.  If using a full sheet of temporary tattoos, you’ll need to cut out the tattoo.

Step 3:  Peel the clear protective sheet off the tattoo and apply, face down, to the rock.

Step 4:  Place wet sponge over the back of the tattoo and hold in place for 30 second.  Rub tattoo over rock and place wet sponge over tattoo for 15 additional seconds.  If the tattoo hasn’t transferred onto the rock, rub carefully until it transfers.

Step 5:  Carefully peel paper off the rock and smooth tattoo design onto rock if needed. Let dry for a few minutes.

Step 6: Spray rocks with clear acrylic sealer to prevent the tattoos from rubbing off.

Unicorn painted rocks using temporary tattoos

So, now can you see why we love decorating rocks with temporary tattoos?  This is such a fun summer craft project for kids especially when it’s way too hot to go outside.

Tips for Applying Temporary Tattoos to Rocks

We’ve been doing this for awhile and we’ve definitely learned some tricks.

  • I recommend using river rocks.  They are larger and the perfect size for the temporary tattoos.
  • If using a light color paint with darker river rocks, spray paint your rocks white first.
  • If the tattoos aren’t transferring over to the rocks, be patient.  Just continue to press down and rub.
  • It’s better to use a lightly damp sponge.  You don’t want it dripping with water.
  • Carefully peal the paper off the rock at an angle and if the tattoo folds over, you still have time to gently press it onto the rock before it dries.
  • And, if you completely mess up, just wash the rock off and start over with another tattoo.

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