Have a S’more-tastic Christmas

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I’ve got a fun little gift idea to share today.  Connor loves making gifts for his friends and cousins.  I found these cute treat bag toppers over on Hefty’s website and thought it would be fun to make little S’mores Christmas treat bags for Connor to give to his friends in the neighborhood.

S'more-tastic Christmas

And they are super easy to put together.  Woohoo!  Don’t you just love a fun, easy gift idea?!

Materials needed:

  • Quart sized Hefty Slider Storage Bags
  • Mini chocolate bars
  • Holiday PEEPS
  • Graham crackers
  • Printable treat bag toppers
  • Printable S’more-tastic gift tags
  • Ribbon
  • Double sided tape

Super easy directions:

1. Place chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows in Hefty Slider Storage Bag.

2. Adhere topper to bag using double sided tape.’

3. Use ribbon to tie gift tag to treat bag topper.

Hefty Storage Slider Bags

That’s it!  Can’t beat a fun craft that includes chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.


Download and print the treat bag toppers HERE.  Download and print S’more-tastic Gift Tags HERE.

Now you have an a-s’more-able treat bag to give out to your favorite PEEPS. (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!)

Have fun making your own S’mores Treat Bags and we hope everyone has a S’more-tastic holiday season!

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  1. My boys LOVE marshmallows and I know they would absolutely love those adorable Snowman Marshmallows! We still make smores in the winter, my mom has an old cast iron incinerator on her upstairs porch.