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Pumpkin Wine Dispenser

I’ve decided that everyone should be drinking wine out of a pumpkin especially in October and November! In fact, I think there needs to be an official drink wine out of a pumpkin day. How do I make that an official thing?

It’s the perfect time of year for all things pumpkin and with Halloween right around the corner, I had to make a Halloween pumpkin wine keg. It also helps that we’re headed to a Halloween party this weekend so I had the perfect excuse to make these adorable wine dispensers. I used the same SVG cut files I used for my Halloween Wine Glasses but just made them bigger.

Aren’t they AWESOME?  And, all you need are some faux pumpkins and wine.  The first one I made into a wine dispenser by cutting a hole in the front.  Then I removed the wine from the box of wine and just pushed it through the hole.  Very easy, I promise.  Remember, if I can do it, you can do it.  The second pumpkin can be used as an ice bucket or place your white wine in the ice to keep it chilled.

Pumpkin Wine Dispenser

Not only does this fun craft project include my favorite thing – wine, it’s also super easy to put together. This is one of those project where it took me longer to take the pictures than it did to actually make. And, guess what? You don’t even need a Cricut for this project. You can just decorate it with plastic spiders and bats if you want to keep it super simple. Everyone will still be amazed at your crafting skills and they’ll be inspired to make their own pumpkin wine dispenser.

I also love that I used faux pumpkins so I can use these year after year. So, now it’s time to put on my Halloween costume and drink up witches!

Pumpkin Wine Dispenser

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  1. This is a FABULOUS idea! I love it, and your idea for a drink wine out of a pumpkin day! I have to find some pumpkins I can use to copy you. What did you use to cut the hole for the spigot? I can’t tell you how much I love this!! Now I’m going to have to get someone to have a gathering so I can bring one of the pumpkin kegs!

  2. This is the BEST!!!! I am heading to the store today to get a faux pumpkin and a couple boxes of wine!!!