Free Addams Family Halloween Printable

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Download, personalize and print this FREE Addams Family Halloween printable because every family is a little kooky.

Addams Family Printable in Frame

I LOVE decorating the house for Halloween and I’m in love with this fun new printable I’ve been working on.  First, everyone knows the lyrics to the Addams Family theme song and I know you’re singing it right now:) So let’s turn that fun theme song into a fun personalized Halloween decoration that we can hang in our home every year on Halloween.

And, let’s all just be a little honest with each other – we might not be creepy but we’re all a little kooky!

Free Addams Family Halloween Printable Easy to Personalize

Free Addams Family Halloween Printable

Printables are the perfect way to decorate for the holidays especially when you don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorations.  You can buy one frame and switch out the printables for each holiday.

I’ve created two versions of this fun printable for you.  One has a simple white background and one has a gray distressed background.  The white background version will use less ink so it’s easier to print at home.  The gray version will require more ink so I recommend printing it at your local Office Depot or Staples.  A colored print on cardstock is less than $1. Both designs are sized to print as an 8×10.

I’ve made it so easy for you to download this free Halloween printable. Just add your name and email in the form below and the freebies will be delivered right to your inbox. Then, open your email and save the PDF file to your computer. It’s that easy! Once the PDF is saved to your computer, just print and you’re ready to add the printable to your favorite frame.

How to Personalize this Freebie

This free Halloween printable is easy to personalize.  First, download a free spooky font.  I used this font but you can find lots of free Halloween fonts.  Once you’ve downloaded and installed the font, download the free printables. Once they are saved to your computer, you can use Canva, Picmonkey, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word to personalize. I’ve also add these printables to my Etsy shop if you need help personalizing them. They can be found HERE. Use the code KCHALLOWEEN for 40% off this listing.

Printing Out Free Printables

Printing on cardstock or photo paper is definitely the best way to print printables. When I’ve tried to print on regular printer paper I’ve found that the ink causes the paper to wrinkle a little especially if the printable requires a lot of ink. Framing a printable on good quality paper makes a huge difference.

I also recommend using a professional printing service to get the best quality. I go to Office Depot or Staples a lot to print my printables. I’ve also used Shutterfly and Walgreens to print large printables.  Most printables use a lot of ink so it may even save you money to get them professionally printed.

Personal Use Only

This file is for personal use only.  When you download a free file Kara Creates, it is licensed for personal use. You may use the item for unlimited personal use. Digital reselling, sharing, redistributing of the files is NOT allowed. In order to share, use the direct URL to this page.

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  1. I have been trying to get the Addams Family printable sent to me, but still can’t. I enter my first name & email address…What am I doing wrong?

  2. Thank you for sharing all of these free printables.
    My Grandkids already think that I’m a cool Nana, wait until I get to share all these great games and printables with them.