Buffalo Cauliflower Flatbread Pizza

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Today’s recipe might just be my favorite yet and if my husband was home he would be in heaven.  I will definitely need to make this for him when he gets home.

A new restaurant opened up near us a few months ago and they have Buffalo Cauliflower Bites on their menu.  I had never even heard of Buffalo Cauliflower until my husband ordered them and it is now one of my favorite things to eat.  If you haven’t tried them yet, you don’t know what you are missing.

Buffalo Cauliflower Flatbread Pizza

So you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered Birds Eye Flavor Full Buffalo Cauliflower.  As soon as I saw them, I quickly grabbed a few bags and threw them into my cart.

Birdseye Buffalo Cauliflower

That night I steamed a bag and served it with a rotisserie chicken for a super easy meal.  Connor actually preferred the cauliflower over the chicken.  This is my kind of cooking – steam and serve!

Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza

Over the weekend I was craving pizza so Connor and I made Buffalo Cauliflower Flatbread Pizza using the Birds Eye Flavor Full Buffalo Cauliflower and it was delicious.


Buffalo Cauliflower Flatbread Pizza

If you’re a fan of Buffalo Chicken then first you need to stock up on Birds Eye Flavor Full Buffalo Cauliflower.  Then you need to make this flatbread pizza.

I love quick and easy meals.  Bird Eye Flavor Full pair great with your favorite meal and it tastes great all by itself.  My husband would eat a bowl of this stuff all by itself and be completely satisfied.

Birdseye Buffalo Cauliflower

Turn your family into veggie lovers with Birds Eye Flavor Full.  With eight varieties and easy preparation, it’s now easy to serve your family vegetables every day of the week.  The unique and delicious flavors include Buffalo Cauliflower, Ranch Broccoli, Sour Cream & Onion Potatoes, Teriyaki Broccoli, Barbecue Sweet Corn, Sweet Chili Carrots, Wasabi Peas and Fiesta Lime Corn.

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