Our Deployment Jar – A Kiss A Day from Daddy!

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Hubby left last week for a few months and Connor wasn’t taking it very well.  I think it’s harder this time because he understands the concept of time.  I’m pretty sure last time he deployed, Connor had no idea how long 9 months was going to be.  Now that he is older and knows how long a month is, he understands that he will be gone for awhile.

Deployment Jar

A friend of mine mentioned the Deployment Jar and then I remembered that I had pinned one way back when I first started pinning things on Pinterest.  How could I forget such an awesome idea?!

Deployment Jar

I found a jar I wasn’t using and filled it with Hershey Kisses.  Now Connor takes one out everyday after school and loves that it’s a kiss from daddy.

And since I’m obsessed with chalkboard labels, I created a few different versions.  I let Connor decide what he wanted his jar to say but I couldn’t forget about the women who serve our country also.

Deployment Jar Labels

Download and print HERE.

I made one that isn’t just for kids.  I totally would have done this the first time my husband was deployed before we had kids and I think it’s a sweet gift to give someone who is supporting a service member during a deployment.  I think a parent would even appreciate a deployment jar.

It doesn’t even have to be for deployments.  It could even be for when a parent has to go away for work or any long period of time.  Do you really need an excuse to have a jar full of Hershey Kisses on your counter?

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