Baby Beach Tips that Work

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10 Baby Beach Tips That Work

We are extremely lucky to live about a mile from the beach so we pretty much live there all summer long.  Connor is a major beach bum and Easton can’t be left out of all the fun so today I’m sharing 10 baby beach tips that work.  These are all tried and true baby beach tips that make our beach trips successful and fun for our family and everyone sitting around us.

Use a Baby Carrier – Don’t even try to take a stroller on the sand.  It doesn’t work.  Instead I’ve been using my Ergobaby.  Both of my hands are free for all the other beach stuff I’m carrying and I’m not struggling to push anything through the hot sand.

Bring on the Shade – Use an umbrella or tent to shade your baby.  An umbrella will keep everyone shaded.  A baby tent is obviously just for the baby:)  Baby beach tents are amazing and perfect for taking your baby to the beach.  Easton takes his nap right in the tent and it keeps him shaded from the sun.  He also likes to just sit in there and play with his toys.  I’m all about getting some sun so I prefer a baby tent over an umbrella.

cellphone beach tip

Keep your Phone Waterproof – We need our phones to take all those cute pictures of our baby at the beach.  We have to capture every cute moment while they’re playing, sleeping, and eating sand.  I found this tip on Pinterest – Place your phone in a zip-top snack bag to keep it safe from the sand and the water.  Genius!  You can also buy waterproof pouches, but this is easier.  Plus, you can still take pictures through the clear plastic.

Baby Beach Tips

Pack all the Beach Essentials – Make sure you pack sunscreen, swim diapers, beach toys, etc.  You can never be too prepared.

Don’t forget the food! – We all know when baby gets hungry, you better be prepared because they don’t wait for anything.  We never leave home without our Gerber® Good Start®.  I started giving Easton their Stage 2 Infant Formula at 6 months after our pediatrician gave us a sample. It’s great for babies who are being introduced to solid food.  Plus, it has key nutrients tailored to support the changing needs of a 6-12 month old. Gerber® Good Start® Gentle Stage 2 Infant Formula is modeled after the changing protein levels in breastmilk. All I can say is – Easton loves to eat!  And we all know – when baby’s happy, everyone is happy.

Baby Powder, Baby Powder, and More Baby Powder – Baby powder is the magic trick to getting that sand off of your baby’s skin.  Cornstarch also works if you don’t use baby powder.

Beach Blanket Tip – Just throw that box of zip-top sandwich bags in your beach bag because you’re going to need them.  Fill four zip-top bags with sand and use them on each corner of your blanket to keep it in place.  Then dump out the sand when you’re packing up.

Blow Up a Baby Pool –  This is another fun tip for taking your baby to the beach.  Blow up a small baby pool and fill it with water right from the ocean.  Keep your baby cool, confined, and happy!

Car Changing Station – Keep a stash of diapers, wipes, and onesies in your car for when you leave the beach.  I like to change Easton before putting him back in his carseat for two reasons.  I want to keep his carseat dry and in case he falls asleep on the way home.  Easton LOVES to pass out as soon as we get in the car.  This way I can just carry him right to his crib instead of having to wake him up to change him out of his bathing suit.

Easton Beach

Be Flexible – I’ve learned this summer that we might be at the beach for 30 minutes or we might be there all afternoon.  Some days Easton has no problem falling asleep in the tent on the beach or he might need to take a nap in his crib.  You just never know how the day’s going to go.  Just be flexible.  Your baby’s schedule might get a little off track but that’s okay.  Go with the flow and have a fun time.

Do you have another fabulous baby beach tip?  Please share it because you can never have too many tips for taking babies to the beach.

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