80s Hits Music Bingo

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Gather all your friends and family for a fun game of 80s Hits Music Bingo! Download the free bingo cards and the playlist because it’s time to party – party like we’re back in the 80s!

If you’re planning an 80s party or love the 80s as much as I do, you’re going to love this collection of 80s printables.  We have everything you need for a fun 80s themed party including this totally awesome 80s Hits Music Bingo.  Blast that music because it’s time to party like we’re back in the 80s!

Today’s printable blog hop is dedicated to our friend Linda from Fun for Little Ones. She was a part of our printable hop each month and unexpectedly passed away a few weeks ago. Linda was an amazing person and extremely talented, especially when it came to designing and creating printables.  Her family told us that Linda loved Madonna so we thought it would be fun to share an 80s themed printable hop this month.

Free 80s Music Bingo Cards

We all know that you can’t have an 80s party without playing 80s music and now it’s time to see how many songs you really know. Can you remember the name of that 80s song? Let’s find out!

I’ve made it so easy for you to download these bingo cards. Just add your name and email in the form below and this freebie will be delivered right to your inbox. Then, open your email and save the PDF file to your computer. It’s that easy! Once the PDF is saved to your computer, just print on printer paper. It’s that easy.

How to Play Music Bingo

First, download the free bingo sheets. I’ve included 15 bingo sheets in this printable pack and I’ve created a playlist that you can use HERE.

Choose one person to play the music. That person will play 30-45 seconds of the song and the players must figure out the name of the song and mark it on their bingo sheets.

The first player to get bingo wins. There are many ways to win bingo. The classic game requires a player to fill a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You can also play 4-corners where players must cover each of the corners and you can play Blackout Bingo where players must cover every image on their card. We like to play two rounds of classic bingo and then Blackout using the same card. Then we pick a new card and start over

More Free 80s Printables

Want more fun 80s printables?  I know you do!  Visit each link below to download the free printable.


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  1. Hello Kara,
    I just wanted to let you know, I work with individuals, with ABI/TBI and they ABSOLUTELY LOVED the 80’s Music Bingo.