15 Minute Holiday Mugs

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Don’t you just love when a project comes out exactly like you pictured in your mind?

I’ve been wanting to make sharpie mugs ever since I first saw them on Pinterest.  So I finally said to myself, “What are you waiting for?”

I went out and bought a few permanent markers and then hit my local thrift store for a few white mugs.

Holiday Sharpie Mug

After playing around with a few different sayings, I decided that “May all your days be Merry and Bright” was perfect for this time of year and all year long.

Then bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

I really love how it turned out!

But since this was such an easy project, I couldn’t stop there.

Personalized Snowman Mugs

I made these cute snowman mugs.  Connor and I love drinking hot chocolate now that it is getting colder outside.  So after I baked the mugs int he oven, we enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate with our new mugs.

Don’t you just love quick and easy projects?

I think I’m going to make a few and give them as gifts these year.  I could put gift cards and small gifts inside the mugs.

UPDATE:  I’ve had a few people leave comments stating that the sharpie wipes off even after baking.  I would suggest using a porcelain paint pen or Sharpie paint pen.

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  1. I love your snowmen cups. My one questions is where did you find the dot letter to copy? Or are you just that talented?

  2. Oh my those snowmen mugs are too cute!! I love how quick and easy these are – definitely a great idea for gifts!

  3. LOVE THESE!!!!…I just went out and bought a bunch of white mugs to do this for all my employees at work!! Thanks for the super cute idea!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  4. Regular sharpie’s wash off! I made them for a Banquet Tablescape gift and was very disappointed to find out, AFTERWARDS, that it washes off!

  5. Hey! The trick is to use markers for ceramic! They sell them at craft stores for about the same price as sharpies! They work the same way, but they never come off!!!

  6. Did you wash them in the dish washer? Mine started to come off. I heard 450 for 30 minutes help bake it into the paint base glaze and I am trying that. Many are now saying use the paint pen sharpies. Not to put in dishwasher, etc. So what is the use of using the sharpies if they won’t stay on and do all the work. Any tips you have found?

  7. I made the snowman mug using the orange oil based sharpie marker and the orange nose turned brown after baking. Any suggestions?

  8. Where did you find your mugs? I’d like to make these for my class of 23 students, so I’d like to find a good deal.

  9. So sad – I tried the sharpie snowman – we have bought 40 small plates to have our 2nd grade draw snowmen for a holiday gift – I had one of the students make a sample – baked for 30 minutes at 350* and one of the lines rubbed off ???!!
    What am I to do when we start the project next week?? will they all rub off??

  10. I used the oil based paint and baked them for 30 minutes at 350 and have noticed that some of the writing wipes off. YIKES! I am giving them to my staff this week. Please help!

  11. You have to use Sharpie Oil Paint Pens. The regular sharpies will not work. Also put it in the oven set the oven for 400 (Do Not PreHeat) set a timer for 40 minutes, when the time goes off, don’t take out the mug leave it and let it cool down with the oven.

    I made some of them for my Co worker and they turned out great.

  12. I would like to do this using the thumbprints of a disabled boy, can I use paint, and if so what type of paint?

  13. I have read that you have to use STONEWARE (like what is sold at the dollar stores). Nothing with a glaze or it won’t stay. All the Dollar Stores were out of mugs when I made my snowman mugs, so I bought some at Target. I used Oil base Sharpies, baked them @ 350 for 1 hour, the artwork would come off when touched ? Apparently, anything that has a glaze on it won’t work. I’m trying the Stoneware mugs that I ordered online from Dollartree. Fingers crossed!!