Monogrammed Snowflake Ornament

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I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.  I’m not sure I’m ready for it yet.  I feel like summer just ended and Connor was starting kindergarten.

I will be pulling out the Christmas decorations next weekend so I thought it would be fun to have a few new ornaments this year.

I love making Christmas ornaments and these ornaments combine a few of my favorite things – glitter, Mod Podge, and monograms!

monogrammed snowflake ornaments

And guess what?  They are super easy to make!!

Supplies needed:

  • clay
  • snowflake cookie cutter
  • foam glitter letters
  • glitter mod podge
  • paint brush
  • ribbon

Step 1:  Roll out your clay and cut snowflakes out with the cookie cutter.  Press a letter in the center of each snowflake then carefully remove.  You want to create a small indentation so you can stick the letter on after it has baked.

Step 2:  Make a small hole at the top for your ribbon and bake according to the directions on the package of clay.

Snowflake Monogrammed Ornaments

Step 3:  Paint the snowflake with mod podge glitter to make it awesome and sparkly.

Step 4:  Add your foam letter to the center.

Step 5:  Tie your ribbon on your new ornament.  Then step back and admire your fabulous monogrammed snowflake ornament.

I just love how they turned out!  Isn’t it amazing how glitter Mod Podge can make any project so much better?!!

Snowflake Monogrammed Ornaments

A few of my friends came over this weekend and saw them on the table.  They immediately started looking for letters so that I could make them ornaments.  I guess I’ll be busy this weekend making more ornaments.

These would make awesome gift tags also.

Is your tree full of personalized ornaments?  Can you ever have too many monogrammed ornaments on your tree?


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