Washi Tape Chalkboards

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Snow days = craft days for me!!

Woohoo?  I’m pretty sure that teachers like snow days more than the kids do.

washi tape chalkboard

First I decided that I wanted to make little chalkboards for our refrigerator to reminders on.  Then I found this cute washi tape and inexpensive frames at A.C. Moore so I used them to make my chalkboards.

Want to make your own washi tape chalkboards?  All you need are:

  • frames
  • chalkboard paint
  • washi tape
  • paint brush
  • chalk

washi tape chalkboard-step 1

First I removed the back of the frame and wrapped the frame with washi tape.

washi tape chalkboard - step 2

Then I painted the backs with my chalkboard paint.

Once the paint dries, all you have to do is rub chalk over the chalkboard to set the paint.

washi tape chalkboard - step 3

Place the backing on the frame and add magnets.  Now you are ready to place on your refrigerator.

A quick and easy project!

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