The Ultimate List of Valentine’s Day Sayings

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If you love fun and clever Valentine’s Day sayings, you’re going to love this list of Cute Valentine’s Day Sayings! These sayings are perfect for kids, teachers, and loved ones wanting to create a cute gift for Valentine’s Day.

The Ultimate List of Valentine's Day Sayings - over 100 Valentine's Day sayings for gifts, candy, and more!

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and it’s time to start making fun Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone you know. And, since I love fun puns, I thought it would be fun to create the ultimate list of Cute Saying for Valentine’s Day. These Valentine messages go great with candy, snacks, fruit, toys, beauty products. school supplies, and more! It’s also a great way to spread a little love to the special people in your life.

The best thing about these sayings is that they’re easy to add to everyone’s favorite Valentine treat.

How to Use these Cute Valentines Sayings

  • Write or type the sayings on blank gift tags and tape to an item. (I’ve attached blank gift tags at the end of this list)
  • Make cute Valentine’s Day Cards with one or a few of these sweet sayings. All you need is some paper and crayons to make the perfect handmade Valentine’s Day card.
  • Need help finding the right words to add to a Valentine gift tag? This list will help!
  • Put together a gift basket with these cute sayings on different items.
  • Grab a little chocolate bar or small toy and create a small gift for that most special person in your life.
  • Create classroom Valentines for your child’s classmates.
  • Teachers, create Valentine’s Day gifts for your students with these fun Valentine’s Day sayings. The perfect opportunity to let your students know you love them.
  • Use these Valentine sayings for an easy way to send a sweet message to your children, best friend, neighbors, and everyone you know!

The Ultimate List of Cute and Clever Valentine’s Day Sayings

If you’re looking for some cute and clever Valentine’s Day sayings, you’ve come to the right place! We have sayings for chocolate candy, gummy candy, fruit, toys,

100 Grand Candy Bars – Let people know you think they are grand with 100 Grand candy bars. Can use the mini candy bars or full size candy bars.

  • You’re worth more than 100 grand!
  • Valentine, you’re priceless!
  • I love you more than 100 grand!

Airheads – Attach these sayings to mini airheads or full size airheads.

  • I’m no airhead, I know that you’re awesome!
  • Don’t be an airhead, be my Valentine!

Almond Joy Candy Bars – Spread a little joy with Almond Joy candy bars on Valentine’s Day.

  • You bring so much joy to my life!
  • It’s a joy being your friend!
  • You bring me so much joy!
  • Your friendship fills me with joy!

Apples or Applesauce – A great non-candy way to send loving messages on Valentine’s Day.

  • You are the apple of my eye!
  • I couldn’t have picked a better friend!
  • Valentine, you are awesome-sauce!

Bananas – Another fun non-candy Valentine to give out to people.

  • Valentine, I’m bananas about you!
  • I like you a bunch!
  • You’re my favorite of the bunch!

Bath Bombs and Hot Cocoa Bombs – Let your loved ones know they are the bomb with these treats.

  • Valentine, you’re the bomb!
  • I hope your Valentine’s Day is the bomb!

Blow Pops

  • Valentine, you blow me away!
  • Your friendship blows me away!

Bouncy Balls / Gum Balls

  • I have a ball being your friend!
  • Hope you have a ball Valentine!
  • My heart bounces for you!

Box of Chocolates – Who doesn’t love an assortment of chocolates on Valentine’s Day?

  • I love you a choco-lot!
  • Valentine, I’ll always pick you!

Brownies – Add these gift tags to a store-bought brownie or container of homemade brownies.

  • Aiming for brownie points!
  • Hoping for some brownie points!

Bubbles – A fun non-candy idea that all kids love.

  • Blowing kisses your way!
  • Your friendship blows me away!

Candle – A great gift idea for moms, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, etc.

  • No one holds a candle to you.
  • You melt my heart!
  • You are scent-sational!
  • You light up my life!

Candy (any kind) – Add these sayings to any candy for fun Valentine gift idea.

  • A little treat for someone so sweet!
  • It’s sweet to have you as a friend!
  • Thank you for being a sweet friend!
  • Have a sweet day!
  • How sweet it is to be friends with you.

Cake pops

  • You are such a sweet friend!
  • Valentine, you make my heart pop!

Cereal – Grab a small box of cereal and add these fun sayings to the box.

  • Cereal-sly, you’re my lucky charm! – add to Lucky Charm cereal
  • I cereal-sly love you!
  • Valentine, you’re cereal-sly the best!

Chips – Who doesn’t love chips! Grab a variety pack and add these sayings for a fun non-candy Valentine gift.

  • I love our friend-chip!
  • Chip Chip Hooray It’s Valentine’s Day!
  • You are all that and a bag of chips!

Chocolate Coins – Grab some chocolate coins and add this cute Valentine’s day message to them.

  • Don’t ever change Valentine!

Coffee – Give the gift of coffee or coffee gift cards with these fun sayings.

  • Wishing you a latte love!
  • I love you more than coffee!
  • Frappe Valentine’s Day!
  • Thanks a latte for all that you do!
  • I like you a latte!
  • I cannot expresso how much I like you!


  • You are one smart cookie!
  • We are a batch made in heaven!
  • Valentine, you are sweet like cookies!
  • We go together like milk and cookies!

Crayons – If you know someone who love to color, gift them crayons along with these fun Valentine’s messages.

  • Hope you have a colorful Valentine’s Day!
  • Color your heart out!
  • You make my world colorful!

Cupcakes – Another sweet treat that everyone loves!

  • You are the icing to my cupcake!
  • You are as sweet as a cupcake!

Dinosaurs – Use these with small dinosaur toys or dinosaur candy.

  • You are dino-mite!
  • You are totally Roar-some, Valentine!
  • You are a dino-mite friend!
  • You make my heart soar!
  • You are mu favorite friend-a-saurus!
  • You are a t-riffic friend!

Donuts and Donut Holes – Spread a little love this Valentine’s day with donuts!

  • I’m donuts about you!
  • Donut forget, you are awesome!
  • I like you a hole bunch!
  • Donut now what I would do without you!

Dum Dum Lollipops – Dum Dums are inexpensive and the perfect Valentine gift for a large crowd.

  • I’m a sucker for you!
  • I’m no dum dum, be my Valentine!

Fortune Cook

  • I am so fortunate to have you as a friend!
  • Fortunate to be your friend!
  • I’m so fortunate to know you!

Fruit Pouches – A great Valentine treat for toddlers and young kids.

  • You’re my main squeeze Valentine!
  • Hugs and squeezes!
  • Valentine, you’re my main squeeze!

Fruit Roll-ups and Fruit by the Foot

  • Valentine, I like the way you roll!
  • I love that our friendship keeps growing by the foot.

Fruit Snacks – Celebrate the day of love with one of these messages on a pack of fruit snacks.

  • You are the berry best!
  • Valentine, you are berry sweet!
  • I’m berry happy we’re friends!
  • I’m berry glad you’re in my class!

Fun Dip – Fun Dip is always fun!

  • Dip Dip Hooray Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • You are such a fun friend!
  • Have a fun Valentine’s Day!

Glow Sticks – Another inexpensive Valentine gift for kids.

  • Valentine, you light up the class!
  • Valentine, you brighten my day!
  • Your friendship lights me up!
  • You make my heart glow!

Goldfish or Swedish Fish – Add these clever Valentine’s Day sayings to small bags of Goldfish or Swedish Fish candy.

  • Have a fin-tastic Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentine, you’re a great catch!
  • You’re my favorite fish in the sea!
  • You are O-fish-ally awesome!
  • Valentine, I’m hooked on you!
  • I’m O-fish-ally glad we’re friends!
  • Valentine, you’re fin-tastic!


  • I chews you to be my Valentine!
  • You’re EXTEA awesome Valentine! – add to Extra gum
  • Valentine, let’s stick together!

Gummy Bears – Another treat that everyone loves.

  • I’m beary glad we’re friends!
  • You are the beary best!
  • You are beary special!
  • I’m beary glad you’re in my class!
  • I like you beary much!

Gummy Worms

  • I dig you!
  • Valentine, you worm my heart!
  • Bugs and Kisses from Your Valentine!

Hershey Kisses – A classic everyone will love.

  • Hugs, Kisses and Valentine Wishes!
  • Valentine, sending you hugs and kisses!

Hot Chocolate – Add these saying to packs of hot cocoa or hot chocolate bombs.

  • Valentine, you warm my heart!
  • You make me cocoa crazy!

Ice Cream – Attach these cute sayings to an ice cream gift card or ice cream novelties like sprinkles, ice cream cones, etc.

  • Here’s the scoop, I think you’re awesome!
  • Valentine, I think you’re are cool!
  • Did you hear the scoop? You’re the sweetest!
  • Have a chill day!
  • Valentine, you’re the coolest!
  • You make my heart melt!


  • We were built to be friends.
  • Best friends on the block.
  • Valentine, we click!
  • Love you to pieces!

Lifesavers – Let your Valentine know they’re a lifesaver with these sayings.

  • Valentine, you’re a lifesaver!
  • You’re a lifesaver! Thanks for all that you do.

Lip Balm and Lip Gloss – These sayings go great with chapstick, lip balm, lip gloss, and lipstick.

  • You’re the balm
  • Chappy Valentine’s Day!
  • Pucker Up Valentine!
  • Read my lips, you’re the best!
  • Hugs and Kisses Valentine!
  • Hey Sweet Lips!

Lollipops / Suc

  • I’m a sucker for you!

M&Ms – Another classic Valentine treat for everyone.

  • Many Many Valentine wishes to you!
  • Have a marvelous and magnificent Valentine’s Day!
  • We’re M&Meant to be friends!


  • We were mint to be friends!
  • You were mint to be my Valentine!
  • You and me were mint to be!

Muffins – Add this cute saying to homemade muffins or packs of mini muffins.

  • Valentine, muffin compares to you!


  • So glad we can be nerdy together!
  • Have a nerdy Valentine’s Day!

Nuts – This saying can be added to nuts, trail mix and peanut butter candy.

  • I’m totally nuts about you!

Oranges, cuties, or orange fruit cups – These sayings are perfect for oranges or anything orange.

  • Orange you glad we’re friends?
  • Orange you a cutie?
  • Happy Valentine’s Day cutie!

Pencils – Grab a pack of holiday pencils and add these cute Valentines day sayings for a fun gift every student needs.

  • You have the write stuff!
  • You are the write friend for me!
  • You are so sharp!
  • Valentine, you’re all write!

Pixie Sticks

  • Friends Like us stick together!
  • Let’s stick together, Valentine!

Pizza – Can add these to pizza gummies or a gift card to a pizza restaurant.

  • Valentine, you have a pizza my heart!
  • Any way you slice it, you’re the best!


  • Valentine, you are a-doh-able!
  • Valentine, you are won-doh-ful!
  • You are doh-tally awesome!
  • You are doh-riffic!

Popcorn – Add these sayings to packs of microwave popcorn or small bags of popcorn.

  • You make my heart pop!
  • So glad you popped into my life!
  • Just poppin’ in to say Happy Valentine’s Day

Pop Fidget Toys – Pick up a few packs of pop it key chains or bracelets and create a fun gift in minutes.

  • Hope your Valentine’s Day is poppin’!
  • You make my heart pop!
  • Just poppin’ by to say Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pop Rocks

  • You make my heart pop!
  • You totally rock!
  • Valentine, you rock!
  • Have a rockin’ Valentine’s Day!

Pudding – A fun idea for a party! Add this saying to tops of pudding cups.

  • Thank you for pudding a smile on my face!

Reese’s Pieces

  • Valentine, I love you to pieces!
  • Have I told you reese-ently that I love you?
  • I am thrilled to pieces that we are friends!

Rice Krispie Treats – Grab a box of Rice Krispie Treats and create a fun gift in less than 5 minutes.

  • It’s a treat being your friend!

Ring Pops

  • You are more precious than jewels!
  • Valentine, you’re a real gem!

Rock Candy

  • You Rock Valentine!


  • You’re such a smartie!
  • Hey smartie, Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day smartie pants!


  • Valentine, you are soda-lightful
  • Soda you want to be my Valentine?
  • I can’t keep it bottled up, I love you!
  • Valentine, you’re soda cute!


  • I’m bursting with happiness that you are my friend!
  • Valentine, I think you’re a star!
  • Bursting with love for you!
  • Valentine, you make my heart burst!


  • Valentine, I’m stuck on you!

Strawberries – Add to chocolate covered strawberries or strawberry candies

  • You are the berry best!
  • You are the berry best friend!
  • Have a berry sweet day!
  • I’m berry glad we’re friends!

Sweat Hearts Candy / SweaTARTS

  • How sweet it is to have friends like you!
  • You’re a really sweet friend!
  • Valentine, you’re a sweetheart!

Teddy Grahams

  • You are the beary best!
  • You are the beary best friend!

Tootsie Rolls – Add this cute saying to mini tootsie rolls, tootsie pops, or full size tootsie rolls.

  • I like the way you roll!

Toy Cars – Perfect for small toy cars and Matchbox cars

  • I “wheelie” like you.
  • I like how you roll.

Twix – Can use mini twix bars or full size candy bars.

  • I’m not playing twix. You’re the best!
  • Just be-twix you and me, I’m so glad we’re friends!

Watermelon Candy

  • You’re one in a melon!
Editable Valentine's Day Gift Tags - Free Download

Editable Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

I wanted to make it easy for you to add these cute and clever Valentine’s Day sayings to any gift you want to give so I created a set of printable gift tags that you can download for free. These gift tags can be edited in Canva so you can create as many gifts as you want with these catchy Valentine phrases. The hardest thing now is going to be choosing which message to use and what gift you want to make for your Valentine this year.

To edit these gift tags, add your name and email in the form below to receive a link to the Canva template with detailed instructions. You can edit this printable with a free Canva account. You DO NOT need to pay for Canva pro but you will need to create a free Canva account. After adding your cute saying to the gift tag, download and print. It’s that easy!

Personal Use Only

This free printable is for personal use only. When you download a freebie on this website, it is licensed for personal use. Digital reselling, sharing, redistributing of the files is NOT allowed. In order to share, use the direct URL to this page.

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