Fabulous and Fun Halloween Games

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Every Halloween party needs a few Halloween games! I’ve found FIVE Halloween games that your friends and family will love.

It’s time for some Halloween fun!

Pumpkin Patch Stomp – I don’t know any kid who doesn’t love popping balloons. I can see the adults joining in on this game too.

Skeleton Hunt – Still one of Connor’s favorite Halloween games and they still sell these at the dollar store so it’s cheap and fun!

Halloween Games

Halloween Cornhole – Oh my gosh! Connor and Easton wold have a blast with this fun Halloween game.

Halloween Games

Halloween Spider Web Game – Another awesome Halloween Game that will keep the kids occupied so the adults can actually have some time to talk to each other.

Halloween Games

Halloween Flashlight Scavenger Hunt – Grab this free printable and a flashlight because we’re playing this fun Halloween scavenger hunt at night!

Don’t these Halloween games sound fun? Now, I need to invite everyone over so we can have some fun.

What’s your favorite Halloween game to play?

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