Superhero Notebooks {Back to School Craft Idea}

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It’s a little depressing for me when I see all the back to school supplies out since it’s a sad reminder that there will be an end to summer.  But, I’ve decided to get a head start on the school supply shopping this year instead of waiting until the last minute which is what I usually do.

mod podge notebooks

I was at Walmart over the weekend and picked up a few supplies.  Then, Connor and I found some awesome superhero scrapbook paper and I thought it would be fun to make Connor some cool superhero notebooks for school.

superhero notebooks 4

Supplies needed:

  • composition books
  • scrapbook paper
  • mod podge
  • paint brush
  • scissors


Step 1:  Cut scrapbook paper down to cover notebook.  I left about an inch of paper around to make sure it covered the notebook completely.

Step 2:  Apply mod podge to notebook cover and back side of scrapbook paper.

Step 3:  Place scrapbook paper on notebook.  Smooth out to make sure it is even and there are no bubbles.

Step 4:  Apply a layer of mod podge over scrapbook paper and let dry.

Step 5:  Once dry, trim extra scrapbook from notebook and admire your cool new notebooks.

That’s it!  5 supplies needed and only 5 easy steps to make custom notebooks.

Superhero notebooks

And while I was shopping at Walmart, I had a few essentials I needed to pick up – toilet paper and Kleenex.  Then I realized that I could also get a head start on collecting box tops for Connor’s school.  Definitely a win-win!

Box Tops Linqia Campaign

It’s time to conquer Back to School shopping and get started on collecting Box Tops; all while restocking your home with household paper essentials.

DIY Superhero Notebooks

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