Snowman Scavenger Hunt Game

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How fast can you find Frosty and his friends? Kids of all ages will have a blast playing this Snowman Scavenger Hunt Game. This free printable is the perfect activity for a snow day or when it’s too cold to go outside.

Snowman Scavenger Hunt Game Free Printable

We had our first big snowstorm here in 8 years and when it snows in Virginia Beach, everything shuts down for at least 2 days.  And, since we’re snowed in for the weekend, I had to come up with something fun for my boys to do to stay busy.  After we played outside, had a snowball fight, and built a snowman, it was time to play this fun Snowman Scavenger Hunt game.

The best thing about this game is that you just need to download, print, and cut. No prep work is required and it can be played over and over again.

This game is also simple to set up. Just hide the numbered snowman cards around the house, assign each child or team a color and they must find the 9 snowmen that match their color. It’s so simple to set up that even the kids can be in charge of hiding their opponent’s cards. My sons have already started playing the game. One hides the snowman cards and the other has to find them.

The best thing about this game is you can make it as simple or difficult as you want. For younger kids, hide the snowmen in places they will find or in one room and for older kids, hide the snowmen in more difficult locations.

Snowman Hunt Supplies

Here’s all you’ll need for this fun Snowman Hunt Game:

How to Play Snowman Scavenger Hunt

I actually have three different ways to play this game depending on the number of players playing the game and the ages of the players..

How to Play with One Player

Print out the rainbow Snowman Game Cards or your favorite colored game cards in the collection and hide the 9 cards around the house.  The person playing must find each card.  Set a timer to make the game a little more difficult.

How to Play with More than One Player

Print out the collection a set of Snowman Game Cards for each player and assign each player a different color.  If playing with more than 6 players, put players in 6 groups.  Hide all of the game cards.  Players must find their 9 colored cards.  The first player to find all of their cards wins.

How to Simplify This Game for Younger Kids

If you want to simplify this game for younger kids you can hide all of the cards or just a few sets and send all the kids out together to find them.

Snowman Scavenger Hunt Game Free Printable

I’ve made it so easy for you to download this Snowman Hunt Game. Just add your name and email in the form below and this freebie will be delivered right to your inbox. Then, open your email and save the PDF file to your computer. It’s that easy! Once the PDF is saved to your computer, just print and cut. I recommend printing on heavy cardstock.

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  1. Please, please help me download this darling printable activity. I entered my name and email address but nothing happened. Can you help?

  2. The snowmen are adorable! Cut out 2 sets of snowmen cards with contrasting colored borders for my 2 young grandkids and ‘hid’ them around the living room. Then I printed out the matching 2 full sheets of 9 snowmen and placed them at toddler height on a table. Each child was assigned a different color and had to find their 9 snowman and put them on top of the matching picture on the pages. A great game for a cold and grey day! Thank you so much for this very fun Scavenger Hunt1 Brightened our day!